Speech Act Analysis of Muhammad Hanif’s Novel ‘Red Birds’


  • Muhammad Akram
  • Allah Divaya
  • Muhammad Javed


speech, paralinguistic’s


The core of Pragmatics is the study of meaning in context, to classify what is difficult in context. In fact in any literary work the context of language is felt in the text but it is not applicable all the time; however the cultural context helps for understanding the context which is not seen in the text. Hence the clues of paralinguistic’s and extra linguistic which are present in the relating meaning to the context are used to get the intended meaning of the utterance. Sadock (1974) and Green (1975) elucidates clearly and aimed that speech act theory which import that there should be one to one relation between surface form and in addition to illocutionary force for direct speech acts meets through problems. There were a lot of studies regarding speech act theory as one of the major fundamentals for studying the pragmatics from theoretical and experimental perspectives. Literary texts, short stories and drama have encompassed a good pragmatic realistic, but little bit has been paid to modern novels. As the present study was carried out to examine the speech act analysis of the Novel Red Birds written by Muhammad Hanif.


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2021-09-24 — Updated on 2021-09-24

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