BR Ambedkar on Indian Religion


  • Dr. Karnika Dubey


Religion, Philosophy, Theology


From the Dalit point of view of the prevailing social-cultural situation in India, Ambedkar interpreted the basic principles of religion. Instead, he saw religion as a 'social doctrine for establishing the upright relations between man and man rather than as a means for individual souls' spiritual salvation. His religious philosophy does not mean either religion or theology. Theology studies God's nature, characteristics and functions; religion deals with divine things. Theology and religion may be linked, but philosophies are not. When we are speaking about religious philosophy, we are considering the teachings and doctrines of every religion, regardless whether it be the Hinduism, Islam or a Christianity, as a critical assessment of existing beliefs in general concerning man and society. This is because, as I think, a religion that disregards the empirical necessities of both man and society is not up to its expectations. I want to go to the
main topic before I start, please note the fundamental differences between Religion, philosophy, theology and religious philosophy. Everyone I hope you will help to understand Ambedkar's religion philosophy by elucidating these terms. So this paper will highlight Ambedkar views on Indian Religion.


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