• Dr Sanjeev Kumar, Dr Manoj Kumar


The Hotel Industry in India is one of the fastest growing industries and has seen the biggest explosion in recent years. The Tourism and Hotel Industry is inseparably connected and both serve as fuel in relation to each other's growth. Growing economy and increasing business opportunities in India has served as a boon to India's tourism and hotel industry. 'Incredible India' the attendance campaign and the 'Atithi Devo Bhavah' (ADB) campaign also contributed to growth in domestic and international tourism and consequently the hotel industry. The latest the steps taken by the government have helped the Hotel Industry. The government has also done major efforts to increase investment in the tourism sector by allowing 100% FDI. In addition, ‘Incredible India 2.0’ aims to show the world as a spiritual and social place and the country is poised to emerge as an important health center in South Asia. India it is one of the fastest growing economies in the world. Growth momentum can be identified by the acceleration of friendly investment policies, structural changes and minority prices. Measures to reduce the law introduced by the central government have increases Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) by registered growth of 8.0% over 2016/17 higher the previous year (HVS, 2017). Programs such as digital marketing, reduce capacity shortages, business development and urban development are the must an easy argument for doing business. According to the Economic Survey of India 2016/17, I The rise in national GDP remains unchanged in recent years, with 2015/16 ending in a 7.6% growth in 2016/17 proves GDP growth by 7.1%. Another institutional change is that are in various categories of executions, such as the Income Tax (GST), these four Labor codes, Insolvency and Bankruptcy Act 2016 and the Mediation and Reconciliation Act, they are likely to play a major role in the country's economic growth. Significantly, many-The expected GST was launched on 1 July 2017, under the auspices of the Indian hospitality industry must benefit from the same and the same tax, in addition to the easy use of Tax Credit (HVS, 2017).


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