Reproductive Health Status Of Rural Women --A Sociological Study


  • Dr. S. Subramani


 Health is essential for our organized social life. If the societies are to function smoothly and effectively, the members must be so healthy as to engage in reproductive activities. But if we are ill or injured, we may face the curtailment for our usual round of daily life. Reproductive health is a universal concern but is of particular importance for women, particularly of reproductive years. Generally, women’s standard of living conditions has determined by their socio-economic conditions. Particularly, the rural women’s standard of living is very low. In India, most of the rural women fully depend upon agricultural and allied activities. They are doing work hard and taking less nutrition food. So, rural women’s health is physically very weak. The research study focuses on women’s knowledge, attitude and practices on reproductive health rights and services of Thiruvalansuzhi village, Thiruvarur District, Tamilnadu.


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