Photographing Cashless Society Resistance on New Normal Era


  • I Ketut Pasek Alit Darma Putra
  • Agus Putu Abiyasa


cashless society resistance, new normal, makes transactions easier, noncash payment, public interest.


This study aims at capturing the cashless society resistance in the new normal era. The populationis a cashless society in Denpasar, with a purposive sampling technique in decision making. Data techniques in research using interviews, observation, and documentation. The data analysis technique used is descriptive qualitative. The results showed that people especially those who felt non-cash payments helped them in their daily activities. Non-cash payments have been able to survive and are increasingly being used by the community because of the additional circumstances, as well as making daily transactions easier so they can save time. The resilience of non-cash payments will continue and increase as more and more people are attracted to join and it will spread well throughout Indonesia.


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I Ketut Pasek Alit Darma Putra, & Agus Putu Abiyasa. (2021). Photographing Cashless Society Resistance on New Normal Era. PalArch’s Journal of Archaeology of Egypt / Egyptology, 18(4), 6740-6749. Retrieved from