• Muhammad Ibrar
  • Muhammad Saqib Khan
  • Hamid Khan
  • Muhammad Imran Shah
  • Aman Ullah Khan
  • Muhammad Tariq Khan


Occupational Health and Safety Measures, Employees Productivity, Sugar Mills.


Purpose of Study: The present study is focused upon the health and safety measured in context of sugar industries which is considered as backbone for development of national economy. To examine the impact of occupational health and safety measures on the employees’ productivity, existing data was collected from different available sources while the primary data was collected

Methodology: Research design of this study is both descriptive and inferential. Survey approach was used by researcher by following cross-sectional design. The population of study comprises all the employees working in sugar mills in District Dera Ismail Khan while a sample was chosen from same population by using statistical formula. Population comprises 800 employees wherein a sample of 170 employees was chosen by using statistical formula suggested by Yamani (1967).

Main Findings: Thedata was analyzed throughthe different statistical procedure to examine the relationships (association) through correlation among independent variables (health measures, safety measures, technical measures & psychological measures) and dependent (employees’ productivity). Therefore, the correlation shows positive relationship among the research variables.

Applications of Study: The results of this might be helpful for the employees and management of the industrial sector to find out the valuable information about the research variables under examination by providing suitable recommendations for policy makers and for future researchers.

Novelty/Originality of Study: Employees’ productivity is requisite for performance of industrial sector which is further dependent on numerous factors like working environment, compensation, employees and management relations and precautionary measures. Among these measures, most vital are the health and safety measure that are known as occupational health and safety measures.


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Muhammad Ibrar, Muhammad Saqib Khan, Hamid Khan, Muhammad Imran Shah, Aman Ullah Khan, & Muhammad Tariq Khan. (2021). IMPACT OF OCCUPATIONAL HEALTH AND SAFETY MEASURES ON EMPLOYEES’ PRODUCTIVITY. PalArch’s Journal of Archaeology of Egypt / Egyptology, 18(10), 1875-1885. Retrieved from