To study the difference between Seeking Forgiveness and Apologising


  • Vidhi Mahanot
  • Meenakshi Chauhan


Seeking forgiveness, Apology


We say, “I apologise” or hear and read these words so often in our daily lives. Is apologising and seeking forgiveness the same? This study aimed at exploring if seeking forgiveness and apologising are perceived as being the same or different. Data was methodologically gathered by interviewing people who had lived through a seeking forgiveness experience in order to gain insight into their perspectives regarding the question in hand. Thematic analysis of the data suggested that there is a difference between seeking forgiveness and apologising.


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Vidhi Mahanot, & Meenakshi Chauhan. (2021). To study the difference between Seeking Forgiveness and Apologising. PalArch’s Journal of Archaeology of Egypt / Egyptology, 18(10), 2201-2209. Retrieved from