The policy of the United States of America towards the Vatican 1961- 1974


  • Sarah Abdul Amir Hashem
  • Haider Abdul Jalil Al-Harbiyeh


policy, United States, Vatican, 1961- 1974


This research sheds light on the policy of the United States towards the Vatican during the years (1961-1974), that is, during the era of American presidents (Kennedy, Johnson, and Nixon). Although he was the first Catholic president, he openly declared his opposition to sending any diplomatic representative to the Vatican. Despite that, there were visits between the two sides, and the Pope’s policies remained normal towards the American administration and he continued to exercise his moral influence on the policies of the countries of the world. The presidency of President Johnson, and his policy was similar to that of former President Kennedy, i.e. he announced that he would not establish any diplomatic relations with the Vatican, but Johnson was making important accounts for the Vatican in general and the Pope in particular, because of the pope's emergence as an important and influential figure on the world stage, especially since he was unusually involved In resolving the issue of Vietnam, which the US administration was involved in at that time, the situation remained as it is without diplomatic representation, only exchanged visits, until it came to a block President Nixon, who worked with moderation, had a clear policy towards the Vatican. As soon as he came to power, he announced the establishment of diplomatic relations with the Vatican, and Henry Cabot Lodge was appointed as the President’s representative to the Vatican. Lodge was the link between the American administration and the Pope, and the focus of discussions between the two sides at that time was Ending the war in Vietnam, Nixon supported the Pope in all his decisions in order to legitimize his foreign policy.


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