• Pitisan Mukdasakunpiban
  • Niyom Wongpongkham
  • Kriengkrai Kitcharoen


The Creation Process of Khon Entitled Phrommachak was aimed 1) to analyze a Lanna Jataka literary work entitled Phrommachak, and 2) to investigate the creation process of the Phrommachak Khon. A mixed methodology between qualitative research and creative research was implemented. Research instruments used for data analysis consisted of a survey form, an interview guide, and a focus group interview guide. These research instruments were obtained from experts, practitioners, related parties, and the researcher’s experience. The collected data were analyzed using poetic theories and the elements of Khon performance. By using the choreographic principles were based on the traditional Khon performance that combines with the shadow play to create a new style of Khon. The research showed the following results. The analysis result of Lanna Jataka literary work entitled Phrommachak revealed six elements that led to the Khon creation processes: 1) plot, 2) character, 3) thought, 4) diction,             5) Song, and 6) spectacle. The creation of Khon consisted of three processes: 1) formulation of performance pattern, 2) performance design which was composed of storyboard creation and eight major elements for designing Khon performance which consists of (2.1) the design of Khon scripts, (2.2) the recruitment of performers, (2.3) the choreography of performing arts movement, (2.4) the textile design and makeup, (2.5) the sound design, (2.6) the design of the performance area, (2.7) the lighting design, and (2.8) the props design, and 3) Khon construction and development of performance.                                       


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Pitisan Mukdasakunpiban, Niyom Wongpongkham, & Kriengkrai Kitcharoen. (2021). THE CREATION PROCESS OF KHON ENTITLED PHROMMACHAK. PalArch’s Journal of Archaeology of Egypt / Egyptology, 18(17), 421-440. Retrieved from