The beginning of religion with a new vision


  • Bassem Mohammed Hamza
  • Marwan Sabah Yaseen


religion with a new vision


Many interpretations were presented that are related to the third verse of Surat Al-Imran, and the sub-researches included in the verse managed to divert the attention of the commentators, the main axis through which the focus was focused on, which is defining the concept of religion, and what is completed of religion? Is the famous interpretation compatible with the renewal of life and facts? Where these concepts represent the foundations upon which the verse is built.

And through what was put forward, he put forward all the opinions about issuing the details ... because we know for sure that the Holy Qur’an is devoid of each other, especially with the progress and development of life and the emergence of what is known as the jurisprudence of calamities.


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