Economic reforms of the Willy Brandt government 1969-1972


  • Adnan Yaseen Hussein
  • Wisam Ali Thabet


agriculture, industry, budget.


Willy Brandt's government was able to fulfill its pledges to farmers through grants and agrarian reform policy that contributed to increasing the farmers' yield and reviving this vital sector.

Despite the independence of industry from direct government administration, Willy Brandt's government attached great importance to this sector through the establishment of industrial cities, and the provision of loans to industrialists, which contributed to Germany's ranking second after the United States in the field of industry.

By looking at the trade policy of the Brandt government, we find that it focused its imports on capital goods instead of luxury goods.

Despite the inflated annual budgets and the difficulty of their approval in the House of Representatives during the first Willy Brandt government, it fulfilled all the government's political, economic and social obligations.


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