The Komoljanoi Khader Ibn Elias, was alive (868 A.H), his life in brief


  • Noor Ahmed Abdullah
  • Muthanna Fadhil Dheeb Al-Gburi


The Komoljanoi Khader Ibn Elias


This study included the disclosure of the life of the Comolgno, his name, his upbringing, his old age, and his scientific output. The biography books neglected him and did not mention anything about him and forgot about his writings, so we strived to search and investigate information that reveals the veil about him, and shows him in the scientific arena, and his name has a place among scholars and is referred to as good, and for his writings. Famous as the rest of the Arabic and Turkish literature; To make room for researchers to take it through study and research.

The study necessitated that it be in an introduction, three demands and a conclusion. As for the introduction, in which I mentioned the importance of the topic and the reason for choosing it. The first requirement came about: the Komolgnoe (his name, biography, birth, death and upbringing), and the second about: his scientific biography (his upbringing, culture, old age, students, and scientific output). And the third is a balance between two books of the author, then a conclusion of some of the results we have reached from this study and a list of research sources.


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