• Basheer Ismail Mahmoud
  • Sarmad Hamza Jassim


The research dealt with the relationship of sustainable marketing and international distribution, as the research aims to know the reality of sustainable marketing in the Iraqi General Company for Cement and how to use it in marketing the cement product in a way that reflects the sustainable state of the product. to exploit this in the international orientation and move to foreign markets through international distribution in choosing the channel that will suit The company and the product and its competition with the products of other companies. The study problem focused on how to move to international markets and any international distribution channel that can be followed to move the cement product internationally, and does the company market its products in a way that focuses on sustainable aspects? Does sustainable marketing have a prominent role in moving the product to international markets?


The study was conducted in the General Company for Iraqi Cement for a sample that included the advanced owners in the company and the answers received amounted to (126) answers. In analyzing, the results obtained from the research sample. The research reached a set of conclusions, the most important of which is that there is a weakness in some aspects of sustainable marketing in terms of the importance of its dimensions to the environment, and that the company focuses its attention on the direct channel of international transmission. and the study reached a set of recommendations, the most important of which is that the company should work on improving the environmental dimension as it is one of the priorities Sustainable marketing before other dimensions. and the company should direct its thinking to establish sites in other countries to which it is affiliated (the hierarchical channel) and not rely (the direct channel) only.


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