• Shaima Ghani Radhi Al-Shammry
  • Prof. Dr. Talib Abdul Karim Al-Quraishi


The social transformations have an important role in their continually escalating pace, which raises concern and calls for caution and caution in order to avoid its continuation and reduce it to the lowest possible level. Which contributed to the sudden rise of these crimes after the US occupation of Iraq due to the multiplicity of social factors that contributed, including political, economic, religious and family ones, and now threaten the social entity. The emerging crimes have become today in the name of many religious and social justifications, even though they are based on temporary political interests, including primarily and economic ones in general, and social ethics and the law are not tolerated as well. Religious deterrents have become disrupted in controlling this increase, so the need to diagnose the most important factors that contributed In this increase, which is still continuing, from the point of view of a sample of members of society, they dealt with the perpetrators directly by virtue of their work in the field of maintaining order (the police), despite the backwardness of the criminal investigation methods that depend on them to reveal the truth of the allegations of the perpetrators and the preservation of the law (the judiciary) despite political pressures, including Decisions that are in the interest of criminals who have returned to criminality because of it and the preservation of rights (lawyers), although some of them exploit their skills in understanding the law to rid the perpetrators of the responsibility for their brutal acts by manipulating some excuses to alleviate the legal deterrents and the general public of intellectuals who are aware of its current and future risks. In diagnosing the elements of the most important lethal social diseases in the life of any human society, its dangers extend to the individual and the group and society to learn about the impact of radical changes in the life of Iraqi society and the measures that the government should take that can effectively contribute to reducing them to their lowest levels.


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Shaima Ghani Radhi Al-Shammry, & Prof. Dr. Talib Abdul Karim Al-Quraishi. (2021). EMERGING OF CRIMES IN IRAQ, THEIR CAUSES AND EFFECTS. PalArch’s Journal of Archaeology of Egypt / Egyptology, 18(09), 1632-1641. Retrieved from https://www.archives.palarch.nl/index.php/jae/article/view/10461