• Maria Enemeba Ngwu
  • Lucy Obu Arop
  • Effiom Bassey Ekeng


The impact of drug abuse and addiction among the youth has been a stigma for decade’s violence, thugery, assualt, madness murder. The broader context of abuse and addictive substances include tobacco achcohol solvents the alter the functions of the human brain and have an impact on the behaviour the also causes harmful with extensive damage of, individual and family and community this study was end at aimed at examining the aftermath of those drug abuse and addiction the need of rehabilitation and counselling”. The use of drugs could be beneficial harmful depending on the mode use. the menance of drugs abuse has been eaten deep into the fabrics of our society; our ever the effective counselling processes the problems can be tackled through campaign against drugs abuse by government and other relevant agencies this paper therefore    x-rays the concept of drugs abuse types causes, effect, and strategies for counseling


Drugs abuse and addiction is the primary reason why many youths have been incarcerated as well as being sources of crime and health problem in the society today. The number of youths incarcested in various prisons across the country has increasing numbers of young achololics and drugs abusers have abusers have to a level of causing education sector much concerned. The problems become more server when student start relying on drugs and think that they need it to escape from problems at school this problem constitutes one of the greatest factors that hinder educational excellent in today’s schools (buksteina &vanttast,2015). the problems balancing discipline and control of the children with their exploration understanding of the world and the self-realization may be complicated by drugs abuse and addiction problems (kobiowu, 2006). 


Today, more than 7milions people suffer from an illicit drugs disorder, and one in four death result from illicit drugs than any other preventable health condition. People suffering from drug and alcohol addiction also have a higher risk of unintentional injuries accident and domestic violence incident (UNODC, 2005). Global studies on the drug abuse use and addiction revealed that early instances youth whose drugs use is one of the best predictors of the future drugs abuse and dependence. For instances youth whose drugs use and started using drug at drug at age of 14 are more vulnerable to the drug problems letter in life than those who started using drugs at the age of 21 and above (abdulahi, 2009), drugs abuses are a major public health problem all over the world. The use and abuse of drugs by adolescent have become one of the most disturbing health related phenomena in Nigeria and other part of the world (NDLEA; 1997). Several schools going adolescent experiences mental health programme, either temporarily or for a long period of time. some me become it is poorly, maladjusted to school situation and eventually drop out of school. Drug abuse also known as substance abuse means harmful use of alcohol or other drugs adaptive behaviour pattern, lasting more than one month, in which a person continues to use a substance after knowingly being harmed by it or uses it to repeatedly in a hazardous. Manner abuse can lead to substance dependence (addiction) which may be physiological or psychological, or both, and is likely to continue into adulthood (paplia, old &feldman, 2011). According to fawa (2013) disease in man and animals. Drugs alters to the body function either positively or otherwise depending on the body composition of the user, the type of drugs used, the amount used and whether used singly or with other drugs at the same time. haladu (2013) administration of drugs without regard to the medically or culturally accepted patterns. It could also be viewed as the use of drugs to the defined drug abuse as the excessive, maladaptive or addictive use of drugs for non-medical purpose. Drugs abuse interferes with the health and social function of an individual. Manbe (2008) defined drug abuse interfers with the health and social function of and individual. Odejide chandes, fatigue and loss or increase in appetite should be treated by the medical experts and counsellors to save them from deadly diseases.


The broader context of substances abuse and addiction includes tobacco alchohol and solvents. All these substances have an impact on behavior. The most widely used addictive substance of acohol and tobacco are harmful with extensive damage to the individual, family and community (harrisson &Gfroerer, 2012). Sambo (2008) stated that chronics use of psychological development. Okorodud, (2004) in their research work indicates of any aremu (2000) in their research on the effect of drugs abuse on educational performance of epidemic level in the present nigeria society, and that drugs abuse could lead to the reduce academic achievement or even halt one’s entire academic process.


Olatunde (2013) states that nigeria adolescent take drugs such as amphetamines and pro-plus as aid for success in examination. He postulated that those who take drugs as aid for studies towards examination are those with poor academic records, a history of liastability and family/social problems while others, he commended; use rugs to increase their self-confidence heighten pleasure, cope with feeling of depression and inadequacy, and to facilitate communication. Idowu (2017) found that student smoke and use drugs at the instances of friends/peers, parents and television/radio advertisement. Okorodudu and okorodudu (2004); and enakpoya (2009) in their studies showed that adolescent to the influence of their peers osikaoya and ali (2006) asserted that socially, a drug abuser is always per-ocuppied with how to obtain drugs of choice and crave for the substance. Studies by oduaran curiosity, boldness, friend-do-it, enjoyment of social gathering. Academic pressure, sound else, sexual-powers and performance in sports. Drugs abuse is very serious problem among school adolescent and which has slowly made the average Nigerian student to be maimed sentences to life of delinquency, insanity, street walking and premature death.


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