• Rashid Hussain
  • Shazia Sultana
  • Ayesha Bukhari
  • Huma Rauf


Teaching English as a foreign language is not less than a challenge in a country like Pakistan. Due to the mixed ability students in every language class with different social and linguistic backgrounds, the Pakistani EFL teachers face a challenging milieu in their classes. For that, the EFL teachers have to adopt appropriate teaching strategies to deal with the students. Considering the phenomenon, a research gap, this study aimed at phenomenologically analyzing the experiences of Pakistani EFL teachers who are teaching at undergraduate level in different universities of Lahore, Pakistan. More specifically, the study focused at drawing out the frequently adopted techniques that the sampled EFL teachers use to resolve the issues. For this study, purposive and criterion-based sampling was done out of two Lahore based universities. Five teachers from each of the universities (National University of Modern Languages and University of Central Punjab) were sampled for conducting the semi-structured interviews. The participants were given a freewill to talk about the phenomenon in the way they experienced it. After the data was collected through interviews, the data explication process was accomplished by neglecting the uncommon themes and focusing the most frequent and common ones. Later, the thematically organized and explicated data was discussed in detail. As per the discussion over the explicated data, this study concluded that demography, motivation and schooling of the Pakistani English language learners are most important challenging factors in Pakistani EFL context. Moreover, the teachers use a variety of techniques to cater the multi-faceted and multi-layered EFL classroom context. The teachers also keep their students focused by motivating them through various effective ways. Considering their experiences, it is suggested to revise the teaching methods for the desired results.


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Rashid Hussain, Shazia Sultana, Ayesha Bukhari, & Huma Rauf. (2022). PHENOMENOLOGICAL ANALYSIS OF PAKISTANI EFL TEACHERS’ EXPERIENCE AT UNDERGRADUATE LEVEL. PalArch’s Journal of Archaeology of Egypt / Egyptology, 19(2), 47-60. Retrieved from