• Evy Nurachma
  • LambangSubagiyo
  • Johansyah
  • Hasbi Sjamsir


Implementation of Internal Quality assurance system at the Obstetrics Academy using
determination, implementation, evaluation, control, and Enhancement system which includes the
determination of implementation of control evaluation and improvement of Higher education
standard. Quality means customer satisfaction, thus, every part of the process in the organization
has customers, internal customer satisfaction will lead to customer satisfaction of the organization,
G.Yildiz(1999). Quality is a problem solving to achieve continuous improvement. Deming
(1986).Quality means conformance with use, such as shoes designed for exercise, Joseph
M.Juran91989)The purpose of this research is: 1) to describe Internal Quality assurance system
implementation 2) formulate Internal Quality assurance system Model 3) to describe the inhibitory
factor and Internal Quality assurance system solution at the Samarinda Obstetrics Academy. This
method of study uses a qualitative approach with type. Data collection techniques are conducted
through (1) in-depth interviews, (2) participant observation, (3) photographic, and (4)
documentation. Data were analyzed using the Miles and Huberman (1994) Research findings 1)
Internal Quality assurance system accordance is implemented in but not optimal with Minister of
education regulations No. 62 Year 2016Article 5 paragraph 1 according to standards stipulated by
Higher Education 2) model formulation Internal Quality assurance system determination,

implementation, evaluation, control and Enhancement Minister of education regulations number
44 the year 2015 about national Higher Education standard 3) The standard of management of
Operational standard procedure of external-internal quality Audit plan and achievement has not
been implemented in the form of follow-up documents must be made and implemented, standard
learning process, continuous improvement. Is needed to improve the academy quality


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