Ornament Bolang at the Regent Office of Padang Lawas


  • Dasrizal, Suprial Hendri


One of the artifacts is architectural work. Among them is architecture called "distinctive regional architecture" Apart from traditional houses, the regional government office is another building symbolizing an area and also one of the markers or characteristics of an area. The area's traditional architecture refers to the features of the area's buildings. Another character that enhances the trait is by showing the building's interior. A house is not only a building, but it incorporates values. Physiologically and cosmologically, the uniqueness that applies in a region. These traditional things become an area's architectural-interior hallmarks. This study aims to create Padang Lawas Regent's local wisdom values that can satisfy the social and cultural dimensions of the City through the approach to environmental actions and the form of surrounding buildings. To achieve this aim, the research method will be conducted in each dominant location building group through participatory observation. Through this observation, the idea of building in old Padang will be understood. Building shape data will be processed to generate Padang Lawas office type requirements.


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