Mergers, Acquisition and the Strategies Along With Case Studies of India


  • Ms. Suneetha Rani Tatineni, Dr. Chintala Balaji


Mergers and acquisitions mainly happen among the companies to grow statistically and could downsize if the procedure would not lead to the market demands. This means as it leads to the change in nature of the business or competitive position. Merger can be defined as a tie up between two companies and integrate into one. At the same way, acquisition occurs between two entities but one entity will take over the other in all aspects. We can say that combination of two or more companies into one single where one would survive and lose the position in the corporate existence. Merging is also referred to as “Amalgamation”. Meanwhile acquisition is nothing occupying the ownership of the other company under legal structures and procedures. It acquired company would get all control automatically once acquisition is done. Merging and acquisition is done among all fields of businesses to grow the respective platform both geographically and economically to lead the trending market or new technological aspects. In this paper, we discuss about the merger and acquisition happened on most common platform i.e social media and IT sector. From Microsoft, Skype to Face book (FB), Whatsapp the reasons behind these merging and acquisitions have been among these popular companies have been discussed.


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2020-11-02 — Updated on 2021-02-12


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