Manipuri Language and Its Socio-Cultural Values


  • Dr. M. Ninghaiba Singha, Th.Kanchan Bala Singha


Language may be a social phenomenon and is used for communication. This is a social activity that requires a coordination effort on the part of speaker and the listener. And it is a true that the use of language always involves the meaning of the speaker and the understanding of the listener , in addition, no speech is free of social meaning to the context has a direct relationship with the communicative events and the context of social situation. Therefore even the simplest type of speech or communication act must have a social situation in which time and place go together in a culturally accepted way.

The Manipuri language develops from the traditional Meitei language. The speech of the politically dominant group, the legends, songs and manuscripts found in this language is an ingredient that is part of the Manipuri society and culture, and maintained the social and cultural values of the community. Therefore in this article we try to focus on the socialisation pattern and cultural values of the Manipuri language that are seen in the Manipuri community will be discussed.


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