Communication Across the Curriculum: Teacher’s Perception and Implementation Model


  • Anubha Ray, Prajna Pani


Communication skills are consistently identified as one of the top graduate skills that university students are expected to possess. There is a growing consensus among the researchers and educators that the development of these skills can take place most effectively in the context of the disciplinary study and should be embedded into the entire curriculum(Arkoudis & Starfield, 2007).Although Communication Across the Curriculum or CAC  has become one more way to reform pedagogy, research findings emerging from this initiative find difficulty in its implementation. There are also programmatic challenges which require a deeper understanding of the unique interdisciplinary issues involved with teaching and learning of communication across the discipline.

For this study, an MBA Programme of a leading private university in Odisha was taken as a case study.This paperseeks to explore the discipline(subject)teacher’s perceptions about CAC. Through a qualitative research method of  one to one interview, questionnaire and observation, it is suggested that CAC may be implemented if not explicitly but implicitly in some subjects and  an implementation framework was suggested taking the teacher’s ideas and concerns into consideration.


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