A Framework For Mitigation Of Home-Back Labours On Post Covid-19 For Regional Development


  • Acharjya Mohan Das


This paper's basic objective is to design a framework for the efficient mitigation of home-back labours of rural North-eastern India). For this purpose, secondary data derived through content analysis have been analyzed and interpreted. Besides recognizing home-back labours wishes and ascertaining their inbuilt skill sets, the framework will focus on skill mapping with the existing and would-be economic activities in the rural sector. Since the inflow of home-back labours to the rural sector has been a crucial point of concern for respective state governments owing to the Covid- 19 pandemic, all state governments are alert to addressing the issues of these labours. The North-eastern states especially Assam is not an exception to this concern. It has been putting all its efforts into accommodating all back home labours in the rural sector's economic activities, but with no significant achievement. A framework embedded within the skills matrix will help employment strategy to promote rural development against this backdrop. This study's findings will help policymakers shift focus from transfer payments to the creation of capital overheads.


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