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Impact Of Organizational Culture On Corporate Performance In The IT Sector Of India


  • Nikhil Vilas Khedekar, Shaji Joseph


This paper discusses the impact of organizational culture on corporate performance in the
Indian Information Technology (IT) sector. Worldwide corporate organizations particularly in
the IT sector, struggle to compete and survive in today's market. Organizational culture is one of
the most important factors which comprises an amalgamation of shared beliefs, values, and
convictions that govern how people are behaving within organizations and is unique to each
organization. Corporate performance is that which includes a holistic evaluation of how well an
organization performs on the most significant metrics, usually the success of the financial,
market, and shareholder. This study will emphasize the relationship between organizational
culture and corporate performance, taking into account the existing organizational culture in the
Indian IT sector. This research consists of a literature review, hypotheses, questionnaire method
to gather information from IT professionals working in multiple organizations in India, and
finally consists of relevant methods such as descriptive analysis to explain the relationship
between the authors’ study subjects.


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