The Gastronomical Treasures of the Wonder City Of Vigan, Philippines


  • Richel Royce T. Chan


Vigan City, dubbed as the “New Seven Wonder Cities of the World” is a place of commendable food and drinks. The discussion in this study focus on discovering the authentic foods originated and found in the city. This study will also discuss ways and ideas on how to preserve and maintain these authentic foods. Exploratory design of research was utilized to determine the various authentic gastronomic attractions that can only be found and originated in the wonder city of Vigan, and a survey questionnaire to determine the tourists’ level of awareness of the authentic foods in the city. Results in this study revealed that the classic and authentic foods available in the city are highly distinguishable marks as they pertain to the uniqueness of the place's rich cultural presence. The city has high potentials to be regarded as a gastronomic destination as evident that food is worth significant in structuring a distinct local identity. Tourists and visitors are very aware of most of the gastronomical treasures in the city. Thus, this is a positive lead for the promotion of gastronomic tourism in Vigan City. Further, certain recommendations were articulated.


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2020-11-04 — Updated on 2021-03-03


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