IoT Smart Parking System Using Raspberry Pi Barcode and Android App


  • S. Leela, P.Nageswara Rao


In this fast-increasing economy, the number of car users is growing exponentially day by
day which demands additional parking space in this fast- growing era. The presence of
Smartphone’s enables customers to choose mobile solutions. The success of IOT has paved the
way for integration of mobile, wireless and mobile applications. This paper provides a smart
parking system for an IoT-based, mobile device. It offers a complete solution for both the
consumer and the owners of the car park. The car park is reserved, the user is approved, the
nearest free spot is decided according to car size, car parks are navigated and daily, weekly and
monthly accounts are measured. IR sensors are used to decide whether a parking spot is
available. With the help of WIFI module, microcontrollers and wireless communication
technology a free slot with its position data is transferred to the server and accessed via a mobile
app.A scheduling algorithm is used in the next free slot according to the size of the car. The
parking lounge owner is able to get a review and can use it to measure the variable parking costs
for that time, the weekday and week-ends rates of occupancy and the amount earned for that
time. The mobile app provides consumers with flexibility and time savings and a rich


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