Outcome-Based Skilling Faculty Development Programme


  • Dr. Anita Patra, Dr. Prajna Pani


Technology is changing. The nature of work is changing, and there is a need to
prepare the faculty to bring disruption in education. Tomorrow’s jobs don’t exist today. So,
educational organisations should focus on life-long learning. There has to be anorganised and
continuous effort for upskilling and reskilling. The paper on outcome-based skilling faculty
development programmediscusses the strategic response to the changing skill demandsin the
FDP organised during COVID-19 by Centurion University of Technology and Management,
Odisha. Two hundred and twenty faculty members participated in the FDP. The faculty
development programme used diffusion and disruption as tools for change. The paper defines
the objectives of the FDP, describes the learning stages beginning from awareness stage to the
adoption stage, and concludes with the outcome of the FDP. Ratcheting method, talks by
industry experts, international talks from academia, peer learning, fast track learning,
competency-based learning, adaptive learning, quick decision-making emerged as best
practices for outcome-based learning


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