Modeling Academic Ventures of Students


  • Isidro L. Duran


The study focused on the effects and relationships of leadership, publication, organizations, sports and cultural activities to the academic achievement (Latin honor) of students received by the students in the last three years. Descriptive research design is adopted, specifically, survey and correlational approaches. There were 100 respondents considered in the study wherein 20 were taken randomly from each extra-curricular involvement.  Academic and extracurricular records available at the guidance and registrar’s office were analyzed accordingly. And statistical tools such as descriptive, chi-square and regression analysis using SPSS application software was utilized. Result shows that extracurricular involvement of students is significantly associated to their academic honor received. Also, extracurricular activities of students have significantly varied effects to the academic achievements. Hence, derived model on predicting academic achievement: “(Academic achievement = 1.545 + 0.075 (extracurricular activity)”.


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