• Muhammad Ashfaq, Sobia Irum


For todays’ organizations challenges are increasing with the increasing competition. It has become difficult to remain competitive and profitable in the business world. Importance of employees is well known to everyone and without this source profitability cannot be gained. In the present scenario organizations are facing difficulty to retain and engage their competent employees. Employees are also losing their interest in the workplace due to extra workload and long working hours. Especially employees in the banking sector are facing job stress and lower commitment. In this backdrop it is thought imperative to look into some new management concepts in banking sector. There is a dire need to study those factors which can make the workplace stress free for the employees and they feel highly committed. Management literature tells us that workplace spirituality is the concept through which organizations can retain and engage their employees and workplace spirituality can help the organizations to reduce employee job stress. This study was conducted on managerial employees of banking sector of Pakistan. Sample was drawn from different commercial banks operating in Pakistan for this study. This research was an attempt to address the theoretical gap that how Workplace spirituality can enhance employee commitment and reduce job stress with the mediating role of psychological contract.


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