• Nul Widaya Mohamed Nawi, Syed Agil Alsagoff, Mohd Nizam Osman, Zulhamri Abdullah


Purpose- This paper aims to provide an explanation of new media use among youth by building a conceptual framework that related with the Media Dependency Theory. In Malaysia, public concerns continue to rise about the risk of excessive new media use among youths. Provides on the conceptual model perspective with the origins of the theory in Media Dependency Theory. This paper applies Media Dependency Theory to study the use of the new media among youth in Malaysia. Researcher are watching the phenomenon among youth in the use of new media is different from most users of developing countries where the new media is the infrastructure has been well built. In Malaysia, wireless networks are in use and Facebook is the main social media widely accepted by users for communication, marketing, and identity building. Through the Media Dependency Theory lens, researcher can see the use of new media from a media perspective where the media plays a role in this society. Malaysia's social background is unique, therefore, the media use is completely different from what is observed in western countries and researcher conclude some of the consequences of unwanted new media use that goes beyond the scope of knowledge.

Design/methodology/approach – The paper is conceptual, and a model is developed as a result of an extensive critical multidisciplinary literature review.

Findings - The findings of this study identify new media use, namely effect and the influence of new media and related to the Media Dependency Theory. In addition, the study highlights the potential for a positive relationship between the use of new media and youth. One integrative concept frameworks and detailed summary are presented in the paper.

Originality / value - This study provides a comprehensive critical picture of the growing new media and new media usage literature and information that offers the basis for a comprehensive assessment of new media usage contributions to youth in particular. It enhances relevant knowledge new media. Moreover, management and policy implications given in this paper can help communication practitioners and new media practitioners identify key guidelines for the design and implementation of appropriate new media usage management programs.

Paper type- Conceptual paper



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Nul Widaya Mohamed Nawi, Syed Agil Alsagoff, Mohd Nizam Osman, Zulhamri Abdullah. (2020). NEW MEDIA USE AMONG YOUTH IN MALAYSIA: A MEDIA DEPENDENCY THEORY PERSPECTIVE. PalArch’s Journal of Archaeology of Egypt / Egyptology, 17(9), 3097 - 3112. Retrieved from