Challenges and Issue before the Legislature Relating to Mob Lynching


  • Meenu yadav, Dr. Rituja Sharma


Constitution of India provides fundamental rights to all citizens and freedom of speech is one of the most fundamental components of a healthy democracy. It gives opportunity to  the  people  to participate  in the  social, legal  and political  happenings of  their country. This freedom is a part of fundamental right that means the basic right, without which a person cannot live and develop in the society. With the use of free speeches, people could come together to achieve political, social and legal goals. Sound discussions not only enlighten the citizens but also give solution of a burning issue that is mob violence and mob lynching. Mob lynching is an extra judicial killing of human being without following the principles of law. I discussed in this paper about the issues and challenges before the legislature related to mob lynching and what are solution and suggestion to curb that situation.


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