Making a difference with Social Intelligence


  • Dr. D. Vijayalakshmi


A teacher should be able to inspire and motivate his/her students by understanding their emotions, beliefs and situations. It is not only about the subject knowledge that is being transferred from them. It is also about the ability to help them in dealing with people, job and such other challenging circumstances. This paper attempts to study the one of the important quality of a teacher, which would enable the students to cross the stream of challenges with their dream held in their minds. Social intelligence refers to the ability of a person to act intelligently and sensibly in the treatment of human relations. The human beings should be respected for their feelings, thoughts and emotions. Under this study, social intelligence of teachers is adopted for analytical study. The class tutors who act as the mentors of their classes have been taken into consideration for study. Students various colleges have been taken into consideration for conducting this study. The students were given questionnaires through mails and were asked to give in their real perceptions and views. The sample size adopted was 223. Only final year students have been taken into consideration for this study. Since these students would have travelled with their teachers for three long years and they are the ones who would have understood the importance while they are ready to step into the world for meeting reality and challenges.


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