• Violeena Barman


Hinduism, Dharma, religion.


Hinduism is believed as the oldest religion in the world and it does not refer to a particular set of people. There is no founder of Hinduism. That is why Hinduism has not been made but has grown. Dharma means sustain. Dharma comes from the route “Dhre”. Dharma that is why described binding force of society.
Originally, the term Hindu had its origin in the name of river Sindhu and the Hindu Vedas people who received on the bank of the river Sindhu and therefore, the term “Hindu” had its origin with reference to the geographical context. But later on these people moved to different parts of India and they were known as Hindus. Hinduism is a religion which is not a revealed religion. Revealed religion is that religion which has a founder. But Hinduism does not have any
particular founder. Hence Hinduism is not a revealed religion like Islam, Christianity, and Judaism etc. The Islam religion is founded by Hazrat Mohammad; Christianity has been founded by Jesus Christ. But Hinduism has no definite founder. Therefore, Hinduism has developed from the ancient period to the modern age and in course of time has incorporated many new believes and ideas. Hinduism is a religion which is often compared to tree God, where the routes are submerged deep down in the soil and the branched are spread to all over. Thus though Hinduism is ruled in ancient past it has spread to different places at different times and has incorporated within it many new believes and ideas.


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