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The performance evaluation of the DPRD is united in each of the functions of the DPRD, namely the functions of The Establishment of Regional Regulation, Budget and Supervision. As a material for evaluating the performance of the DPRD can use documents produced from the stages of activities of the DPRD which include: 1. The work plan of the DPRD is determined based on the decision of the DPRD through a plenary meeting held at the beginning of each year. 2. Submission of the results of the implementation of the DRPD Fittings Work Plan (AKD) in the plenary meeting at the end of each year. The DRPD leadership is obliged to publish a summary of the implementation of the work plan to the community at least once a year. However, the publication carried out by the DPRD does not optimize the utilization of the media widely, so that the public can not access as it should. Parties that have the right and obligation to evaluate the performance of the DPRD, namely the Audit Board of Finance (BPK) which is authorized to examine the management of regional finances and the performance of local government organizing institutions, and public elements as supervision / partners in creating "Checks and Balances" in the implementation of local government. Consequently, a regional policy is needed that regulates the mechanism by placing the public element as a steakholder in the territory of formulation & implementation of regional policies, including those related to the evaluation of the performance of the DPRD.


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