Reading Skills Problems and Their Solutions


  • Yulianah Prihatin
  • Resdianto Permata Raharjo
  • Arisni Kholifatu A.S


This research originated from the important role of reading in people's lives in this era
modern. In addition, the low interest in reading society is not equal to
existing technological advances. Increasingly advanced technology has an impact on convenience accessing information, but on the other hand spreading hoax news is also very easy. People who have low reading interest will find it difficult to distinguish between different information relevant to what is not. Therefore, this study will review some of the problems faced when reading and provide alternative solutions for solving them. This research uses a qualitative approach. A qualitative approach is used with the aim of knowing the problems experienced during the language learning process. As for the results of the research, it was found that several problems faced when learning to read were a) conventional learning processes, b) technology failure and media availability experienced by teachers, and c) improper reading techniques. Solutions that can be an alternative are choosing an approach and strategy that is suitable for learning to read and which students like, providing training to support teacher competence in technology, preparing good media for learning, providing students with understanding of reading techniques so that reading goals can be achieved by good.


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Yulianah Prihatin, Resdianto Permata Raharjo, & Arisni Kholifatu A.S. (2020). Reading Skills Problems and Their Solutions. PalArch’s Journal of Archaeology of Egypt / Egyptology, 17(8), 731-742. Retrieved from