Gender in relation to Emotional Intelligence and Spiritual Intelligence among under graduates


  • Dr.Guneet Kaur Cheema, Ms.Mangla Bhardwaj


Gender depicts the social and cultural role of boy and girl within a societal construct. It varies from society to society and the role of gender is not permanent in nature and it can be changed. It is socially constructed and comprises of the characteristics of men and women such as norms, roles, and relationships between group of men and women. Further, motivating and for managing the emotions well in ourselves and in our relationships is the hour of the need. Emotionally intelligent person is the one who understands ones emotions better, develops self-control and confidence. So, in order to have peace of mind one must know to manage his emotions. In Indian context, spirituality revolves around myths and idol figures which are understood by the people in majority. Spirituality is not necessarily be related with religion. Both religious and non-religious identities may or may not be spiritual in nature. It is a process of discovering one-self and a positive learning. Further, it helps to know oneself better and what we actually want from life. Sample of the study consists of 300 undergraduates of Punjab University in Chandigarh. Through random sampling technique 150 males and 150 females were selected for the investigation. The findings of the study reveal that higher the scores of emotional intelligence, higher are the scores of spiritual intelligence. Hence, the person who is spiritually intelligent remains calm during the time of crises and is able to manage his emotions well



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