Node isolation attack on olsr ,reputation relied Mitigation


  • Dr.B.Barani Sundaram, Mr.Tucha Kedir Elemo


Mobile Ad Hoc Networking (MANET)  is an excellent Technology which is taking its importance because of the wide range of  wireless portable devices exploiting this facility . Mobile ad hoc networks are highly vulnerable to attacks due to the open medium, dynamically changing network topology, cooperative algorithms, lack of centralized monitoring and management point. The traditional way of protecting networks with firewalls and encryption software is no longer sufficient and effective for handling the threats associated. Now, a day many applications are constructed with help of proactive routing protocol in MANETs using OLSR protocol. These applications are useful for disaster relief, emergency operations, and military service and so on.

In this research a improved routing protocol for Ad hoc networks named as SMP-OLSR developed from OLSR, incorporating multi-path strategy, source routing control scheme and security to mitigate a specific type of denial-of-service (DOS) attack called node isolation attack is proposed and tested . The proposed Secured Multi-Path OLSR for MANETs is based on link quality and reputation based technique to secure the OLSR nodes against the attack. The technique is capable of finding whether a node is advertising correct topology information or not by verifying its Hello packets, thus detecting node isolation attacks. The protocol is able to achieve routing security mechanism by increasing throughput, frequency and control overhead.

OLSR , guides PDU’s to all end devices within the network  with help of  the routes available via the standard routing table, can be useful for some systems and network applications as there is no route discovery delay associated with finding a new route.

Since hardware resources are limited, it is difficult to implement the research in the real environment. Therefore, Simulation in NS2 environment is used to analyze the different scenarios and test the performance of the modified SMP-OLSR.

The expected outcome of this research is to achieve routing security against node isolation attack with improvement in packet delivery ratio, and also to reduce in packet loss rate


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