• Manjugouda R Patil, Dr.Channappa.F.Mulimani


The Document examiners face difficulties in evaluating handwriting by persons under the influence of alcohol. In this research, 180 participants between the ages of 20 and 50, served as volunteer subjects for the experiment. All subjects consumed 180ml of ethyl alcohol. Females have been excluded as they were not voluntarily ready to give the samples. The written material used for standard text was selected based on familiarity and simplicity of content, reasonably balanced number of upper-lower extender, middle zone characters, and each letter of the alphabet was incorporated among the words. Handwriting samples were taken before and after the consumption of alcohol. Along with the samples collected, the specimen writings are also collected. The test was carried out with the help of a stereomicroscope, direct and oblique angle lighting and a video spectral comparator (VSC 2000). Measurements were done using a digital caliper, statistics using Pearson correlation and paired t-test. The analysis is done based on class characteristics and individual characteristics. All handwriting specimens taken were assessed using a multiple-choice checklist. This research aims to determine the influence of alcohol on handwriting, to compare the handwriting of an individual in normal condition and after consumption of alcohol. It can be concluded that there is a substantial change in the writing of an individual under the influence of alcohol. The parameters of handwriting which reveals pronounced distinguish are word length, the height and width of an upper case, the height and width of a lower case, the height of ascending and descending letter, spacing between letters, the number of tremors were all substantially increased. It is statistically confirmed that the transition in handwriting characteristics is due to the prompt of alcohol.


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2020-11-02 — Updated on 2021-01-25


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