• Ilzat Aukhadiyev
  • Daulet Dosbatyrov
  • Alibek Isaliyev


The article is devoted to the contradicting characteristics of the term ‘national’ in politics and art (in particular ballet theatre) of independent Kazakhstan. Analysis of various theories of Nations and nationalism, modern ideological orientation of Kazakhstan's policy on the problems of national identity, as well as their influence on the Kazakh dance art leads the author to the conclusion that the concept ‘national’ in modern politics and art of Kazakhstan has dialectical characteristics. Signs of dialectical is most pronounced when there is an attempt to preserve the ancient traditions of the Kazakh people, combined with the necessary in the XXI century political modernization and innovations in the culture and art of Kazakhstan. As we know the relationship of two long-standing and eternal paradigms ‘keeping traditions’ and ‘inculcation of innovation’ always complex and in discussion. This feature is revealed by the author in the first part of the article. Various approaches of well-known scientists to the definition of the term ‘nationalism’ are considered: some believe that the concept is based on traditions, habits, history of the people, others believe that ‘nationalism’ is formed by the modern ideology of States. In the second part of the article is devoted to the influence of globalization on nationalism in Kazakhstan. Significant incident for the country was gaining independence after the collapse of the USSR, which also gave a multidimensional effect: on the one hand, sovereignty, the right to strengthen national identity, on the other – the active influence of globalization, imitation of the more developed Western countries in the management of politics, culture and art. In the third part of the article the author focuses on the modern policy of Kazakhstan and its influence on the national art of choreography.


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Ilzat Aukhadiyev, Daulet Dosbatyrov, & Alibek Isaliyev. (2020). DIALECTICS OF NOTION ‘NATIONAL’ IN KAZAKHSTAN AND IN THE KAZAKH BALLET. PalArch’s Journal of Archaeology of Egypt / Egyptology, 17(8), 800-813. Retrieved from https://www.archives.palarch.nl/index.php/jae/article/view/4686