• Ali Piri


Discussion about reality of human existence have always been one of the most sophisticated and controversial issues among philosophers and intellectuals. The issue has had prestigious status in Islamic thought especially in Mulla Sadra's works. Since his thought on one hand profoundly pertains to his metaphysical perspective about human as microcosm who can be considered a brief sample of macrocosm and all universe and its hierarchical degrees. The reason is that human based on his attitude is the interface between nature, supernatural nature and the confluence of arcs of ascend and descend which make manifestation of higher universe possible in the territory of elements through the theory of trans - substantial motion and corporality of createdness of human soul. On the other hand Mulla Sadra believed that real knowledge in the transcendent philosophy is covered in self¬knowledge which is merely perceptible via intuitive knowledge. He pointed out that one who just knows himself as manifestation of divine essence will be able to enjoy profound secrete of divine life which encompasses each part of globalization. Therefore in the present paper we are going to study and investigate Mulla Sadra's anthropology through innovative perspective regarding to totality, universality and completeness of the transcendent philosophy and his philosophical and intellectual policies and by exploiting all his works and methodology.


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