Enterprise Resource Planning: A Systematic Literature Review and the 6P Classification


  • Arjun Puthuruthy


In this article, the authors put forth a methodological framework for identifying high quality articles and publications in the area of Enterprise Resource Planning. Based on this framework a systematic literature review is carried out to identify the trends in ERP related research and also lists out high quality journals in ERP area. This review assesses and ascertains the multi-disciplinary aspect of the subject ERP by grouping journals based on their subject area.

The article goes on to classify the research field ERP into 6Ps, which depicts the multi-disciplinary nature of ERP and establishes that new classification covers 93% of ERP related articles. The new classification will be guide for both researchers and practitioner alike to focus on relevant areas of interest, by clearly proposing and demarcating the functional areas. The authors conclude by bringing forth the sparsely covered research areas related to ERP, and igniting thoughts for future research


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