Sunnah Care According to Technological Advances


  • Shaaban Abdelhameed Refae Mohamad, Mohamed Shafei Moftah Bosheya, Mohamed Hamed Mohamed Said


The Sunnah of the Prophet is the second source of Islamic legislation, and it has a great and high status in the hearts of Muslims, scholars have been concerned during the successive centuries, from the time of the Prophet, may God bless him and grant him peace, until now, so they compiled the hadiths of the Prophet and classified them in books of their own. They took care to write about the narrators of hadiths and explain their conditions, and distinguished between the different degrees of hadith. The prophetic Sunnah branched into various sciences, and libraries and manuscript cabinets were filled east and west with thousands of books related to the Sunnah. And in the current era, the means of technology have appeared. The people knew modern technologies such as computers and the international information network (the Internet) and the applications that these means contain. These technical means served the various sciences. As a result, some technical institutions and companies have issued programs and applications that serve the Prophet’s Sunnah in different ways. Programs were found that include applications that collect the hadiths of the Prophet, and applications to hadiths Takhreej Al-Hadeth and indicate their degrees. And applications that introduce the narrators of hadiths and their scholars and indicate their degrees, characteristics, and other applications. And most of what appeared and spread these programs and applications in Arab and Islamic countries, the companies competed among themselves to provide the best service for the Prophet’s Sunnah, and websites were established for them on the International Information Network (Internet) to reach the largest possible number of users. This research observes models and examples of these technical applications in order to identify them and explain their importance and role in serving the Sunnah. And their degrees, through three issues: The first issue: the definition of the Prophet’s Sunnah, its importance, and the Muslims ’care for it. The second: the most famous contemporary technical programs to serve the Prophet’s Sunnah, and the third: some of the negatives of electronic programs and computer encyclopedias in general.


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