An Economic Analysis of Village Cottage Industries Workers in Vilianur Commune Of Puducherry Region


  • Dr.T.Sezhiyan, Mr.D.Gnanadeiveegam


Regarding to this research topic  there are 38 villages in villianur taluk of puducherry where many of people are doing cottage industry works sine so long ,when they are  interviewed by researcher and field visitors they expressed most valuable and important points and reasons about their work progress and life constraints .Though they felt and met lot of financial and occupational constraints they have been pursuing and doing their cottage works with an interest to save ,protect and nurture their children’s life and family dignity. People are classified based on their customary and traditional works and occupations in these aspects their life and works would be preserved and motivated by the central government as well as state government without any bias ad partiality. Though villianur is situated in the middle of agricultural atmosphere and rural areas most of its people are doing less cottage industry works and doing more agricultural works ,it had been  progressing and ameliorating before two three decades but during this corona period and unclear political administration cottage industry is deteriorated lot  .Cottage products brings and fetches numerous and several famous ,fame and popularity to India administration in terms highlighting Indian culture and habits ,which was understood by several foreigners and abroad citizens as to proud India’s multiple  works natures . Since cottage works beginning onwards, it was paid much and close attentions by Mahatma Gandhi during his anti British and swaraj movements and organized several protest with an interest to save people by encouraging their traditional works and interest based works. In these categories there are lot of trustworthy and credible and respected products are produced by the cottage industries such as khadi, leather, silk, wool, muslin, jewellery, ornaments, statues, idol, gems, stones and also edible items such as backed food items ,cooking oil, backed masala, washing soap ,beedi making ,tobacco making ,match box making, camphor making ,incense making tamarind powder making, kungumam making ,vibuthi making ,bindhi making ,bangles making, balloon making ground nuts backing and lot of eatable  items are producing and backing .These products are produced by the people across India specially this study is focusing villianure black of puduchrry it is situated amid of urban and rural atmosphere despite it has variety natures of people with divergent occupations and works in that area ,all their professions are fetching and giving sufficient income to run their family in a congenial ways as they able to meet all their family expenditures and commitments


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