The Implications of Ai In Enhancing Fmcg Industries


  • Rahul Karan Tarai


With the technological advancement in recent years and unpredictable market conditions, industries are compelled to redesign and upgrade their system of operations performed in the organizational environment to guarantee better decision making and accurate prediction of consumer demand at large. Industries dealing with FMCG goods requires implementing technologies such as artificial intelligence that could enhance their performance among the competitors present in the market. Manufacturing industries that specially deal with consumer goods face challenging experiences in understanding the unstable change in taste and consumer preferences from time to time. As a result, industries have allocated resources that help to gather, analyze, and interpret relevant data to predict decisions that would amplify the overall supply chain management system. Integrating methods using AI, and Big Data Analytics helps in understanding the present market condition to cater to the needs of consumers, and improve the efficiency of the operational activities that are carried out within the organization. However, artificial intelligence methodologies have proved to be more effective as the response rate is faster and it is financially savvy. Implementing AI has enabled organizations to earn an increase in profits. With access to data collected in real-time and comparison of past accumulated data, FMCG industries are keen on adapting to AI tools and applications to better comprehend the necessities of their specific customer group, provide consumable goods to satisfy customer’s needs, and improve organizational efficiency by minimizing expenses and maximizing profits. This research paper underlines the impact of AI in enhancing FMCG industries and their overall operational activities that would create a pathway towards organizational profitability and sustainability.


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