• Minakshi Das, Guest Lecturer


In the last two decades, the technological advancements particularly in the field of Information and Communication Technology (i.e. ICT) have been so rapid that it has change the shape of all activities in the world and pushed the world towards globalization. However, there is no demonstrated serious efforts on the parts of the public or private sector to bring the benefits of ICT to the poor in terms of delivery of improved services like education, health care, agriculture and in equipping the poor with necessary information and skills to bring them into the mainstream of the society so that they can be a productive partner of globalization. In reality the information gap is increasing between the haves and have-nots resulting into increased power flow towards the elite who already posses the power and weakening those who are deprived of it which can result into increased poor population, enlarged poverty. The ICT can strengthen rural livelihoods, providing market information and lowering transaction costs of the poor farmers and traders. As poor people are often unaware of their rights, entitlements and the availability of various government schemes and extension services, ICT can also improve their access to the information on market prices or on extension services. Workers can also get information on availability of jobs to meet their day to day needs.

Background of the study- The research deals with the study about rural people in their different fields of life in scientific and technological enhancement of the present society.

The aim of the study- To makes aware among the rural people about the uses and advantages of information and communication technology the various fields of their life.

Materials and method- In the study here used simple survey method as well as descriptive and analytical techniques.

Results- Due to poverty and illiteracy the rural people are still unaware about the present advancement of the society.

Conclusion- In the present study it is seen that in spite of different rural development programmes launched by the government, the rural people are still unaware and unable to reap the benefit of these. Poverty, illiteracy and lack of awareness are still prevailing in the rural areas. The government and NGO should take keen interest to fight against these ill symptoms of the rural areas of the society.


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