Smart Traffic Light System to Control Traffic Congestion


  • Manpreet Singh Bhatia, Alok Aggarwal, Narendra Kumar


Even with well-planned road systems and sufficient infra, traffic congestion is one of the major problems in the metro cities. The main reason for this problem is ever increasing number of the vehicles on road by 20% per year. In the current scenario, most of the traffic control systems used is of fixed cycle type which gives a constant phase for red/yellow/green for each signal cycle. Apart from using these controllers, an additional traffic policeman is also deployed in case of heavy traffic densities to control the traffic flow. These static systems cannot adapt to the dynamic situation which a traffic man can do in a real time situation. Deployment of traffic policeman at every junction is not feasible due to shortage of manpower and cost consideration. There is an urgent need of building a smart system which can automate and control the traffic. In this work, a three input fuzzy logic controller with the IOT sensors is proposed to adapt the real time dynamics of the traffic at a junction and reduce the congestion. Proposed fuzzy logic controller has three inputs namely, queue length, remaining time green and peak hours and one output parameter, time extension which is controlled by the three input parameters. All four lanes have been allocated 60 seconds of fixed time for green signal at the start. Increase/Decrease of the green light is done dynamically with ± 34 seconds. When compared to conventional controller, proposed approach gives a minimum improvement of 13% to a maximum improvement of 58%.depending upon various traffic conditions at the junction. In terms of average wait time delay it reduces the time delay by 40% in comparison to conventional systems and in terms of average trip time proposed approach is compared with UCONDES & OVMT approaches and improvement of 125% and 24.19% is observed.


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2020-12-30 — Updated on 2020-11-26


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