William Blake’s Poetry- A Manifestation of Existential Mystic Expressions


  • Nencepreet Kaur, Dr Manju


A fundamental aspect of our existence in life is to implore what it really means. We as humans strive for understanding the meaning, purpose of life. In today’s world with the chaos surrounding us, we try to find meaning in the shared human experiences like, loss, alienation, disparity and misery, which are prevalent in the present times. Human existence has similarities without their essentially deriving from each other. This can particularly hold true in terms of ideas and experiences because there is essentially a fundamental unity of human mind. This paper aims at studying the mystical experiences expressed in the poetry of William Blake. We see that the mystical expressions of Blake are transformative yet conform to the worldly existence of humans. They exist in the present and are very much within the paradigms of the life we lead. Hence the purpose of this paper is to study the manifestation of existential mysticism in the poetry of William Blake. Mystics have across countries, ages, or regions, shown a tendency to describe common experiences in varied imagery yet led to the same universal truth which somehow eases the existential crises of humans.


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