• Pulak Gogoi, Sankarjyoti Dutta


Movements for space and identity have been a significant feature of the political developments of the recent past. In post war countries like India, which were victims of colonisation, the inherent socio economic disparities played a role in shaping the political discourses of the region. The Assam Movement which took place from 1979 to 1985 to oust the illegal immigrants saw large scale support from all classes of people. From peasants to the land owners and middle class, everyone took up to the roads and joined the movement. The mobilisation of such diverse sections of the society for a common objective was a task left to the leaders of the Assam Movement. From the colonial period till the early decades of post independence the peasants of Assam were continuously protesting against high land rents and also evictions by the landlords. These movements became much volatile in the 1960s. On the other hand the slow economic growth, lack of industrialisation and unemployment created problems for the middle sections of the society. Land reforms introduced by the government reduced certain privileges of the elite landlords. In such an uncertain scenario, competition in a limited economy led to the rising tensions between different groups of the society. Contemporary international events and the immigration of East Pakistan Muslim peasants to Assam worsened the situation as no one was willing to share resources with a new group of people. Such was the socio political and economic background of Assam before the Assam Movement. With the various developments that followed the illegal immigration became a serious problem. In such a situation Assamese Nationalism was directed against illegal immigration. People from all classes identified the immigrants as threat to their identity and resources and it at last outburst as the Assam Movement.


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