Woman’s Roles to Sustainable Locals Development


  • Anujit Chinasan, Pornchai Jedaman


Globalization era, the roles of women are “key” factors into effectively as becoming a part of locals movement and development.Research to address woman’srolesto sustainable locals development. A mixed method research via policy research of preparation, conceptualization, technical analysis, analysis of recommendations, communicating of policy research to policy makers. The collection by documentary study, interview, and questionnaire. Factors supporting women a playing the roles in local developmenthave to direct and indirect influence to women a playing the roles of statistical significance at level of .01.Woman’sroles to sustainable locals development of political succession,volunteering, devotion to local art and cultural preservation, network support, and representation.Guidelines for promoting women’s rolesto sustainable locals development of a developing women leaders to enhancement as ability into communities and locals development.


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Anujit Chinasan, Pornchai Jedaman. (2020). Woman’s Roles to Sustainable Locals Development. PalArch’s Journal of Archaeology of Egypt / Egyptology, 17(9), 7649 - 7664. Retrieved from https://www.archives.palarch.nl/index.php/jae/article/view/5569