A review on thermal conductivity of ethylene glycol/water based nanofluid


  • Bhrant Kumar Dandoutiyaa, Arvind Kumarb


This review article discusses the historical background of Ethylene Glycol (EG)/water Nanofluids. The primary focus of this work is to study salient research work done on Nanofluid in which main focused was on ethylene glycol and water with nanomaterial. Now a day’s augmentation of transfer of heat is one of the most significant requirements of current time, which can be improved with the help of the nanofluid. A lot of research has been done on Nanofluid in the last few years. Most of them have noticed that the main drawback of Nanofluid is its stability. Since water is not suitable to work below freezing point so ethylene glycol and water proportion can be used to work at low temperature. Ethylene glycol increasing proportion allows to work at a lower temperature. Stability of ethylene glycol is more comparable to the water-based Nanofluid. So EG could be an alternative of water in case of Nanofluid. Several mathematical models are suggested to quantify nanofluid thermal conductivity but none of them gave an accurate result. It was observed that the heat transfer enhancement during experimentation is more than the numerical result. Many researchers have done a number of experiments on Nanofluid and most of them found the augmentation in thermal conductivity, Nusselt number, heat transfer coefficient, but it was also observed that the increase in viscosity which result increases in pump power, low stability, agglomeration, settling, clogging, segregations, and erosion due to the nanoparticle. In many engineering applications such as heat exchangers, vehicles, electronics, solar equipment, nuclear reactor coolants, nanofluids are used. Nanofluid has its own advantages and disadvantages so further research has been carried out to make it more efficient for commercial use.


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