Women Empowerment: A discussion based on the novel 'Abhiyatri'


  • Purbalee Gohain


Women Empowerment, liberty, equality, freedom movement , revolution.


The women's liberty revolution is now considered as the most significant topic of today's age. For many years based on the point of view of conventional customs and reforms of the society, men had a different notion about women and similar to men, women also started to judge themselves through the same point of view . So the ideas that were revealed through their creations and compositions were repercussions of male centric notions. But after many years of slavery, now women decided to revolt against this discrimination and hence able to establish their own place in the society. The topic that I am going to discuss is Women Empowerment : a discussion based on the modern novel 'Abhiyatri' .
The main reason behind selecting this topic is because ChandraprabhaSaikiani was the first flag bearer of the women's liberty revolution of Assam . She equally took part in politics like man for exploring the path of women's liberty and also established herself as a symbol of modern women in front of society. NirupamaBorgohain's 'Abhiyatri' is the life oriented novel of ChandraprabhaSaikiani who was the leader of Assam's feminist movement. Along with showing the social position of women before independence , their participation in the freedom movement, and organising the Women Association of Assam , the novel also showed the huge personality of ChandraprabhaSaikiani, her work and effort to establish women in equal position like men . Based on the effort which has helped women to break all the traditional customs and rules of the society and empower themselves , this topic has been selected for discussing in this paper. A descriptive method is used to write this paper.


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